Cupazo is one of the leading company dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Our products, software and services recognized for quality, innovation and performance. There are three possible level of Automation

  • Partial automation with linear axes for workpiece infeed and removal
  • Robotic automation for the handling of workpieces
  • Fully-automated solution integrated into the specific workflow
  • And we are best in the market for that.

    Key Features

    • Emulates user actions on any Windows, iOS and Android app
    • Measures performance, availability and integrity of strategic application
    • Breaks down each measurement in Client, Network and Server delays
    • OCR and image recognition to smartly interact with the application and precisely identify errors
    • Available as a software or hardware appliance
    • Fully integrated with the Witbe Monitoring platform to remotely manage each robot and present measurements in analytic dashboards and maps

    What we can offer

    • analyze the possibility of deployment of industrial robots for your operation
    • by award robotized workplace design including selection of optimal model
    • arrange delivery and assembly robotic workplaces or entire production lines
    • according to the technological input program the robots
    • Robot / She will join the workplace automated manufacturing technology
    • prepare a complete automation of your production process or part
    • perform optimization and acceleration of the production cycle
    • provide maintenance and service
    • We will train your staff

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